To understand this Historical Pre-Colonial world better, we could draw on a wider period spanning seven centuries or more, from the period 972 to 1001, covering: a) the first mention of a polity in the Philippines in a written text, that of “Ma-i” (Mindoro) in the official history of the Song Dynasty (宋史, Sòng Shǐ); b) the Laguna Copperplate, dating to 1000; and c) the description, also in the 宋史, of the first tributary mission from Butuan (蒲端, Pú duān) to China, dated 1001; to the period of the entire 17th century with its numerous historical accounts giving valuable ethnohistorical information, perhaps ending with William Dampier’s description of the uncolonized Batanes islands in 1687 (published in 1697), or even going further to include (although it has not been regarded as a contact period source) the 1734 map of Pedro Murillo Velarde with its vignettes.