Quincentennial Art

Retrieval Guidelines


1. Official retrieval date begins on 16 June 2021 and ends on 30 July 2021. Retrieval on these dates entitles one with the Quincentennial Art Competition Catalog.

2. Retrieval schedule may change depending on the quarantine restrictions per area so it is necessary to contact the point-person first to ensure that the artworks are already with them.

3. Entries can be retrieved within six weeks upon announcement of the retrieval date. Each artist will receive a certificate of participation and some quincentennial stuff. Unretrieved artworks shall automatically become the property of the National Historical Commission of the Philippines.

4. For participants who submitted their artworks to Cebu, Bohol, Iloilo, and Negros, the National Quincentennial Committee wishes to seek your permission to exhibit them in the following venues and dates:

Tentative Date of Exhibit* Exhibit Location
August 2021 Cebu City
September 2021 Iloilo City
October 2021 Bacolod City

*Subject to change

Should you wish to participate, fill out the form. You may retrieve your entry/ies a week after the exhibit opening. A six-week retrieval grace period will commence thereafter.

5. Schedule first an appointment before proceeding to the drop-off point. Minimum health standards shall be observed.

6. Present proof of identities such as one (1) valid ID and a copy of his retrieval form. He or she must sign in the retrieved artworks log and submit a photocopy of each of his valid ID and entry retrieval form.

7. The artist may authorize someone to pick up his artwork/s on his behalf, provided the representative must present one (1) valid ID and must be the one written in the authorization letter signed by the artist. Attach along with the said letter one (1) photocopy of the artist’s valid ID and entry retrieval form.

8. The organizer will not be held liable for loss or damage incurred by the artwork upon release at the designated retrieval sites.